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Considering contracting? Help is here!

The trend of hiring contract staff is ever-expanding across every sector as more workforces realise the benefits of having a flexible workforce. Weighing up taking a contract role over taking permanent position? If so, there are many benefits that some may overlook, perhaps overshadowed by the perceived ‘safer’ option of a permanent job.

With the current market situation thanks to Covid-19, you may find yourself being forced to dip into a contract position. Or perhaps you’d just prefer to take a more flexible approach to the next stage of your career.

Therefore, to aid your decision, here are some of the key benefits of contracting for you to consider:

Flexibility – A word we’re all familiar with at this present time. Contracting offers a wide range of flexibility to the individual, from selective work scheduling and the place from which you’d work to the specific roles you’re looking to pursue.

Variety of Work – Everyone loves variety, it keeps you on your toes and ready for your next challenge! Contracting is a great way to experience this, as you’re not permanently fixed into a specific role. Furthermore, you get to experience a variety of sites, colleagues and experiences along the way.

Progression – Contracting is a great way to frequently meet new people and get your foot in the door of opportunities you’d never otherwise encounter. These could lead to more permanent employment in the future, as well as give you the extra experience needed to make that next leap in your career.

Generous Pay Rates – More often than not, a contractor will be offered slightly higher pay rates - the flip side being that a contract role is not as ‘secure’ or ‘safe’ as a permanent role. As a result of this, unlike permanent employment, there is more flexibility in your hands to maximise your earnings. Using an umbrella company like Clipper Contracting gives you more than just a PAYE option; some may be eligible to submit legitimate business expenses via ourselves, or be paid on a self-employed basis. Others will be able to operate as their own Limited Company, so there are numerous options that differ from those of a permanent employee.

As you can see, there are plenty of positive elements to working on a contract basis. And with the rapidly changing current state of the working environment, these elements have never been more relevant. If you're looking for a better Umbrella experience on your next contract role, or seeking further information about the pay options on a contract basis, please give us a call on 01305233170 and we’ll be happy to assist.

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