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Clipper Contracting Group Ltd was established with one thing in mind: to provide the highest levels of customer service for the provision of financial solutions to temporary workers.

Clipper Contracting Group Ltd provides compliant financial solutions including Clipper Total, Clipper PAYE and Clipper CIS, as well as accountancy services such as the administration of Limited Companies through our sister company Quba Accountants Ltd.


We work with the best advisors, employ the best people and provide the best experience to ensure to both our workers and recruitment partners that we remain totally compliant and competitive in these ever changing times.


“Through a compliant and friendly service, make the umbrella payroll process queryless for recruiters and workers alike"




“Disrupting the payroll landscape and putting umbrella company solutions at the centre of the UK’s flexible temporary workforce”

At Clipper Contracting Group, we’re proud of our accreditations. They demonstrate our commitment to acting responsibly, from operating our business at the highest levels of compliance to leading by example in staff welfare and our commitment to the environment.

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