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For those workers engaged within our industrial sectors, be it building, assembling or packing, the chances are your work is provided by a recruitment agency on a temporary basis.


For these individuals, an umbrella company can provide continuous employment and a full suite of employment rights, regardless of which agency provides the assignment. Being an umbrella employee is quick to set up, simplifies the receipt of payments from multiple sources and keeps you compliant with all of your tax liabilities.

  • Sign up within minutes using our one click online registration process

  • Statutory employment right such as statutory sick pay, holiday pay and maternity / paternity pay

  • Emailed payslips with detailed breakdowns of your payment

  • Video and PDF guides to help you understand your payments (or our team on hand)

  • No leaving or joining fees



Under SDC (Expenses: No)

Workers employed by Clipper Contracting and provided with all statutory employment rights. Easy to move between assignments and all tax liabilities paid weekly to HMRC

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