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The computing and IT sectors have long relied on a temporary workforce and this has never been truer in this digital age. Whilst many choose to set up their own businesses to supply their services, Clipper Contracting Group can provide alternative solutions that suit each individual’s specific requirements.


Our expert onboarding team can help guide you to a solution that will best meet your needs whilst staying compliant with the latest legislation.

  • Our friendly team are on hand to guide you – call us today

  • Emailed payslips or pay statements with detailed breakdowns of your payment

  • Video and PDF guides to help you understand your payments (or our team on hand)

  • Guaranteed pay for the work you carry out

  • Workplace pension scheme for employees



Not under SDC (Expenses: Yes)

For genuinely self-employed workers wishing to manage their own tax affairs


Under SDC (Expenses: No)

Workers employed by Clipper Contracting and provided with all statutory employment rights. Easy to move between assignments and all tax liabilities paid weekly to HMRC


Not under SDC (Expenses: Mileage)

Workers employed by Clipper Contracting but are able to claim pre-determined mileage expenses if not subject to supervision, direction and control.

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