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The construction industry has long relied on the work of a flexible workforce to deliver housing, commercial and infrastructure projects. Clipper Contracting Group have been at the heart of this engagement for over 10 years, offering payment solutions that focus on excellent customer service and simplify the receipt of weekly payments.

With our extensive national network of construction recruitment agencies and contractors, you can be sure that whatever and wherever the assignment, Clipper Contracting Group can ensure you’re paid on time, every time.

  • Sign up within minutes using our online one click registration process ​

  • Video and PDF guides to help you understand your payments (or our team on hand)

  • No invoicing required – Clipper Contracting take care of this and issue you a remittance if you’re self-employed

  • Public liability insurance and Personal accident insurance

  • Discounted end of year self-assessment for those self-employed



Under SDC (Expenses: No)

Workers employed by Clipper Contracting and provided with all statutory employment rights. Easy to move between assignments and all tax liabilities paid weekly to HMRC


Not under SDC (Expenses: Mileage)

Workers employed by Clipper Contracting but are able to claim pre-determined mileage expenses if not subject to supervision, direction and control.


Not under SDC

For genuinely self-employed contractors working within the construction industry

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