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Interim teaching staff are an important part of the UK’s education sector and Clipper Contracting Group have the experience to ensure the teachers we employ are paid on time each week. We offer employment to our supply teachers and help centralise their financial affairs regardless of the various assignments they may undertake. Whether you are new to supply teaching, an experienced teacher providing your services for the first time in the UK or looking for a new umbrella company, ring our friendly onboarding team on 01305 233170 to find out how easy we can make your supply teaching experience.

  • Sign up within minutes using our online one click registration process

  • Continuous employment for all your assignments

  • Video and PDF guides to help you understand your payments (or our team on hand)

  • No leaving or joining fees

  • Keep administration to a minimum



Under SDC (Expenses: No)

Workers employed by Clipper Contracting and provided with all statutory employment rights. Easy to move between assignments and all tax liabilities paid weekly to HMRC

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