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Whether you are contracting in the private or public sector, our experienced onboarding team are on hand to guide you through the various payment solutions available so that you remain compliant with all UK legislation.


Whether you carry out the odd shift on top of your main employment or you contract on multiple assignments, our solutions will ensure all of your tax and NI responsibilities are paid and you won’t incur any future liabilities.

  • Continuous employment for all your assignments

  • Statutory employment right such as statutory sick pay, holiday pay and maternity / paternity pay

  • Workplace pension scheme

  • Video and PDF guides to help you understand your payments (or our team on hand)

  • No leaving or joining fees



Under SDC (Expenses: No)

Workers employed by Clipper Contracting and provided with all statutory employment rights. Easy to move between assignments and all tax liabilities paid weekly to HMRC

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