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  • Rob Wilks

Key Information Documents - don't forget about these!

In among the current Covid-19 pandemic, it easy to forget about everything else. Perhaps you're having to explore measures to keep your recruitment business in good shape or maybe you're busy recruiting into the NHS. Either way, the turn of the financial year is just around the corner and there are some important changes that if you haven't implemented already, you should look to do without delay.

From April 6th 2020, all new agency workers need to be issued a Key Information Document (KID) before agreeing terms with a new recruitment business. This written statement will outline key pay related information and is intended to provide more transparency for the agency worker – outlining what deductions will be made on their pay and giving a better understanding regarding work arrangements.

As the worker's primary interaction is with the recruitment business, that business is responsible for issuing the KID upon worker registration, usually prior to them choosing to register with an intermediary for payment.

If you haven’t started to gather this information already and formulate your plan – there is still time. The new regulation doesn't come into effect until the 6th April. Call Clipper Contracting today on 01305 233170 so we can discuss and assist you.

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