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  • Rob Wilks

UK's leading professional bodies write to the chancellor for Umbrella worker CJRS clarification

In our quest for urgent clarification from the Treasury on a number of points in relation to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, our professional body, the FCSA, have taken the lobbying of government up a notch.

The FCSA, our professional body of which we are an accredited member along with the REC, APSCo, TEAM and professional passport, have written to the Chancellor to seek clarity so that furlough decisions can be made. There are two main issues; firstly we need clarity on holiday for furloughed workers, and secondly we need certainty on how umbrella workers’ furlough pay should be calculated.

Between them, these organisations represent over 1 million agency workers across the UK and it is hoped that this collaboration can lead to some meaningful clarification that will allow Clipper Contracting Group to furlough it's umbrella employees with absolute confidence.

You can read the FCSA's full statement here:

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