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Benefits of an Umbrella Company - Part 2 - Personal Accident Insurance

Another lesser-known benefit of being employed by an Umbrella company is that employees are typically covered by Personal Accident Policy whilst on assignment.

Personal accident cover protects workers (and their wider families) in case of loss of earnings brought about by serious injury at their place of work. Employees would receive a payout in the event of a qualifying incident, which can be used to assist with dealing with the aftermath and consequences of an accident suffered whilst on assignment. Depending on the degree of harm caused, the percentage of the sum payable varies.

By definition, our policy describes accidents as ‘a sudden violent external unforeseen and identifiable event’. The sheer random and uncertain nature of accidents catches people by surprise and can cause severe physical injury, permanent disabilities or even death.

It can be a devastating time for any worker, especially those on temporary contracts who may feel that help is not available if they are not permanently employed.

However, help is here if you are employed via a compliant Umbrella company.

What exactly is covered?

Accidental Bodily Injury, including (but not excluded to)

· Dislocations

· Fractures

· Loss of sight, hearing or speech

· Loss of limbs

· Death (extending to aid towards funeral expenses)

Additional extensions including (not but excluded to)

· Exposure

· Electrocution

· Coma benefit

· Hospital transfer

· Rehabilitation expenses (such as physiotherapy, and treatment for PTSD in the event of terrorism)

Who is covered?

Any employee registered with and payrolled by Clipper Contracting Group, who is working onshore in the United Kingdom. It’s as simple as that!

Like any insurance however, there are caveats. It is important to remember that this type of insurance won’t be activated if an employee becomes incapacitated through any other naturally occurring condition, including disease and sickness. Other exclusions include inflicting self-injury, pregnancy, injury due to the operative’s own criminal act and back strains due to lifting, turning or wrenching.

How do I claim?

To make a claim, please contact Sutton Winson Ltd on 02088919831 who will advise you on the next steps. Please note – submission of written notice of a claim must be given to the insurer no later than 90 days after the incident that is the subject of the claim.

Some things to include in a claim:

· Fully completed claim form

· Medical Certificate Statement of Fitness for Work

· A payslip relating to the day and hours worked at the time of the accident

· Copy of the entry in the Site Accident Book

So there we have it – another benefit of engaging with an Umbrella company. Whilst we hope this guide helps, it's in no way a legal document, so please contact us on 01305233170 or, or alternatively, our insurance brokers Sutton Winson on the above number, who will be able to provide you with further advice if needed.

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