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Benefits of an Umbrella Company - Part 3 - Support Helplines

We’re constantly striving to improve customer experience, with particular focus on how we can better support our temporary workforce in alternative ways. Emerging from a global pandemic into rising costs of living and economic uncertainty, one thing has become clear - we could all use some more support now more than ever.

This is why we felt compelled to launch a dedicated helpline to support our workers, as no one should be left worried or feeling they’re in this alone.

Workers payrolled via Clipper are now one call away from advice, support and counselling for:

  • Financial and tax affairs

  • Legal advice

  • Bereavement

  • Divorce

  • Violence or bullying

Free of charge, workers can reach out using the below numbers:

  • Legal & Tax helpline:- 0845 3001899

Aviva helpline, where you can request legal advice or register a legal expenses claim.

  • Counselling Service Helpline - 01179 340105

CareFirst personal counselling, from bereavement to divorce and everything in between, our workers can rest assured that they’ll have the right support.

Who is covered?

Any contractor registered with and payrolled by Clipper Contracting Group, It’s as simple as that!

We strongly believe that an Umbrella company is more than just payroll – it’s so much more. From our helplines, through to the provision of full employment benefits, we want to show a duty of care and support for temporary workers in the same degree as permanent employees.

If you’d like to find out how we can support you, then please contact us on 01305233170 or

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