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Clipper Contracting can now communicate in over 45 languages

Our objective is to make the Clipper Contracting Group experience as easy and queryless as possible. We’re always looking forward and innovating to improve our offering to our recruitment partners and workers alike. That’s why we’re excited to announce our live translation function that allows us to converse with workers in over 45 languages.

Why we implemented this translation function

When engaging our recruitment partners, one of the key pieces of feedback we were receiving was the question around capabilities of our onboarding team to converse in multiple languages. With almost 20% of the UK’s employment market represented by foreign nationals (1), it is evident that the ability to effectively communicate across a broad range of languages is key to Clipper Contracting Group’s objective of making our experience as queryless as possible.

Whilst having real people at the end of a phone would be the best solution, it is impossible to cover the diverse mix of languages our workers speak. Additionally, these people can move on, take holidays and may get sick. Our new translation feature bridges this gap, supplementing foreign speaking members of the onboarding team and allowing us to converse in over 45 different languages from around the globe.

Our Director, Rob Wilks, explains why we choose this path:

“There is no doubt the world is getting smaller and foreign nationals are integral to the UK’s economic performance. Effectively communicating with the temporary workforce underpins this and the additional functionality that our translation feature offers puts us at the forefront of the umbrella company sector in this area”.

Nationalities of the temporary workers we engage; it was clear we needed a solution that allowed us to communicate in multiple languages.

Our multilingual web-chat and it’s functionality

This latest innovation revolves around a simple web-chat function, embedded into our website. It allows multi-channel communication to our on-boarding team so we can assist with queries and questions. The clever bit is that our web-chat function has an in-built live translation tool that allows two-way communication in a variety of languages in real-time. Our team are able now able to communicate in text format in over 60 dialects across 45 different languages. It is simple to use for our workers and intuitive from our side too.

Why not give it a go at or call our sales team on 01305 233170 to find out more.


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