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Clipper's Bespoke CRM

We couldn’t find a system that served our needs and those of our clients and contractors, so what did we do? Built our own!

Our bespoke CRM (Zest) prioritises service and compliance and is the backbone of our ongoing mission to make payments queryless.

What are the features that we think benefit you?

  • It’s a secure system where RTW documents can be uploaded directly and securely, rather than having to go via a third party or through any separate links/emails.

  • Daily updates sent to the agency on the status of their worker – as a referring recruiter, you can choose how often you would like to receive our updates. You control the frequency, dates, times of updates received to fit in with your work schedule, and will group all workers registered to you on one email, providing visibility on the registration process.

  • Daily reminders sent to those in the process of registering via text and email – alerting contractors if we still require some details for payment.

  • If you’ve misplaced an email, we can text you the link required so you can access it via one click instead.

  • Simple enough that workers can complete their registration while still on the phone to us, not having to print or sign anything – streamlining the process from start to finish.

  • User friendly on both phone and PC.

  • Key Information Documents sent automatically.

  • SDC assessments sent automatically to agencies ensuring full transparency .

It goes without saying that the human touch will continue with our outgoing phone calls and low call waiting times – after all, 75% of clients from a recent survey singled out our Account Management teams as our strongest feature over our competitors - but investing in personalising out back office vastly improves the speed at which workers are registered and ready for payment.

Want to find out more? Contact us on 01305233170.

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