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Festive period opening hours

Don't worry, we'll still be open over the festive period!

However, there will be some minor changes to our opening and closing times, as outlined below:

Tuesday 24th December: 8.30am to 3pm

Wednesday 25th December: CLOSED

Thursday 26th December: CLOSED

Friday 27th December: 9am to 3pm

Monday 30th December: 9am to 3pm

Tuesday 31st December: 9am to 3pm

Wednesday 1st January: CLOSED

Thursday 2nd January: 8.30am to 5.30pm

If you're submitting payment instructions, this should be with us by midday on Monday 23rd December to guarantee processing first thing Friday morning. Anything received after this deadline will be processed on a first come, first served basis, to be paid on Friday 27th December.

If you're submitting expenses, these should be with us by close of business on Monday 23rd December.

There may be some changes to timings at which payslips, pay statements and text messages are sent out, so please be bear with us.

You'll be able to contact us as usual on 01305 233170.

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