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Our Environmental commitment 2020

From the Australian bushfires to the plastic waste we see strewn across our home cities and beyond, there is no denying the environmental impact that the human civilization is having on the world. Clipper Contracting Group has recognised this and is actively taking steps to mitigate its impact and that of its staff. If governments are slow to show the way, then its time for business to lead.

Renewable electricity and carbon-offset gas:

Our 2-year energy contract is up for renewal in July 2020. We have committed to using a solely renewable energy provider for our electricity supply and carbon-offsetting our gas usage (the central heating is gas and therefore cannot be renewable) from this point onwards for our head office sites

We will investigate our London office this year with a view of also changing the supplier.

‘Green week’ – summer 2020:

We have committed to a green week in 2020 in an attempt to instil more environmentally friendly practices not only in our staff’s work life, but also their personal lives.

Reducing single-use plastic waste:

We have already made a commitment in 2020 to use a milk service that uses reusable glass bottles. This will save around 500 single use plastic bottles per annum. In other initiatives, we are encouraging people to only use reusable water bottles in the office environment and exploring using refill stations when purchasing cleaning products (and using environmentally friendly products!).

Continuing our beach cleans:

For the third year running, we will commit staff to help remove waste from Dorset’s coastline in partnership with ‘Surfers Against Sewage’. We will look to extend this for our London staff and focus on public spaces and those near rivers and canals.

Clipper Contracting Group wants to stand out. We want to inspire our stakeholders to do their bit, to be inspired. We’d love to forge partnerships with recruitment agencies that share these values. So if you’re looking to partner with an umbrella company that is a little different, then give us a ring on 01305 233170.

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